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Why Poor People Stay Poor

The rich get richer & the poor get poorer. At least that's what people say, right? We've all heard it before. But in reality, that's just a lazy excuse for why people with the wrong mindset and bad habits can't "get ahead" in life. Believe it or not, nearly every millionaire in the country acquired that status because their mind & priorities were in the right place.

People in financial turmoil will inevitably take one of two roads. The first road? This is the road they've been on all along. The same road that got them where they are now. The same road that's paved with bad habits that inevitably lead to bad results. For a few though, the pain of the first road becomes too much, and it can trigger an intense desire for change. If that's the case, then welcome to the second road. This road provides an opportunity to make a radical change in one's financial habits. Stop paying for what you don't need, and what doesn't add any value to your life. Start recognizing that saving money is so much more important than a nice car or a nice house. I am a firm believer that anyone can greatly improve any aspect of their life so long as the person in the mirror is dedicated to making the needed changes. It really is that simple! Don't wait until the pain becomes unbearable to change. Do it right now while the hole isn't too deep to crawl out of.

You can get on the road to millionaire status right now. But you can't get on that road until you change the person in the mirror. That person is your biggest advocate, and your biggest obstacle as well. The person in the mirror is the only person on the planet that can usher you into success instead of failure & ruin. Which one sounds better? I know, it's a silly question but one that warrants asking. It's unfortunate the lack of millionaires in this country when the vast majority of us have the ability to include ourselves on that list. Take action now and make lasting changes for your family.


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