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Meet the Team

Justin Owen

Owner, Financial Advisor / Wealth Manager

Justin started his career in the financial services industry with one of America’s elite private financial firms here in Texas and was blessed to be trained by the best. They catered exclusively to high-net-worth clients, most of whom had highly complex financial situations. During this time, Justin realized he also wanted to help the traditionally underserved into an era where they, too, could receive the same level of financial service that is often unavailable to them. He is proud to offer a concierge level of service to clients who are looking to accelerate their financial future, both those looking for wealth and those who have already found it.


He is a San Angelo Native. In 2006, Justin married his wife Kristen, a local Nurse Practitioner. They have two wonderful children that keep them busy. He has a passion for serving others, a love for all things finance, and the desire to see you achieve everything important to you.


What makes Owen Financial Planning different from other financial advisors? They care about YOU. Their services are “fee-only,” which means you know exactly where your money is. They do not build your financial plan to benefit them, rather, the choices made are in your best interest. Therefore, they are not successful unless you are. It is also important for them to choose stocks that are Christian-based or companies they feel are ethically sound.


Let's visit and use shared decision-making to help you be the best financial version of yourself.

Levi Calhoun

Financial Advisor / Wealth Manager

Levi Calhoun is a Christian, husband, dad, and a finance guy. By God’s grace, Levi met Liz back in 2008. They were married less than a year later and are now a family of four. Before all that, Levi grew up riding his bike and playing Nintendo,  soccer, and stand-up bass in San Angelo, Texas.  After graduating from Central High School, Levi went on to gain valuable career skills in customer service, sales, and management while earning a bachelor’s degree in Finance from Angelo State University.


Levi has now enjoyed a career in mortgage since 2013 and still works at Geneva Financial in San Angelo, Texas as a Mortgage Loan Originator and the Branch Manager. In addition to his faith, family, and friends, Levi loves his clients. For Levi, being a financial planner is a dream come true. He appreciates how different God made each of us and just loves to play that small but important role in the lives of others. Levi’s life passions also include food, fun, firearms, freedom, fairness, and (of course) finance. 

Scot Allen

Financial Planner / Wealth Manager

Scot graduated from Angelo State University with a bachelor's degree in finance. In 2021, he married his wife Michaela. The Allen Family is first and foremost faithful Christians and strives to do everything for the glory of God. They are very family-oriented and are heavily involved in the work of the Lord's church. Scot is dedicated to helping others accomplish their financial goals and build a better financial foundation for themselves and their families for years to come!


"Good planning and hard work lead to prosperity, but hasty shortcuts lead to poverty."

-Proverbs 21:5

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