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What is Fee-Only Financial Planning?

Have you ever had the experience of buying a new or used car? Sure you have. Do you believe the car salesman had your best interest at heart? Were they trying to make sure you got that one particular vehicle that was the right fit for you and your family? Or, were they just trying to sell a car and make their commission? Many people aren't aware, but the financial services industry isn't so different. So many "Financial Advisors" aren't so much Advisors as they are product salesmen. When you sit down with a traditional broker, you are likely sitting down with someone who generates a nice commission from whatever product they suggest you need. Some products pay a small commission while others pay much larger commissions. Which one do you think you might get steered towards?

What if you could sit down with someone who didn't get commissions? Someone who didn't get a kickback or "complimentary trip" for selling a product. Welcome to Fee-Only. A Fee-Only Financial Advisor gets paid by you, and only you for the advice that they give. We have a legal obligation to make sure that all advice, recommendations, products, etc., are in your best interest. You likely didn't know that a traditional broker had the luxury of playing by a different set of rules, did you? A Fee-Only Advisor will sit down and review your situation in its entirety, and then make recommendations based on your unique circumstances. After all, Financial Planning isn't a one size fits all. Your situation is unique to you.

Consider sitting down with a Fee-Only Advisor to review your current situation. I'd be willing to bet the experience will permanently raise your expectations and give you peace of mind you didn't have before. What can Fee-Only do for you today?


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